Family Support

Matt Talbot Adolescent Services CLG. understands that when a young person is having difficulties with the misuse of drugs and alcohol, it can have a profound impact on the entire family. Parents can struggle to cope with the associated behaviours and the effect these have on other siblings in the home.

Our dedicated family counsellors work with parents during the assessment to help build a complete picture of the young person and the problems they and their family are facing. With years of training and experience, we can help families to manage the situation and develop a plan of action to rebuild stability and safety for all members of the family.

We also offer group support for moms and dads where they can get practical advice and help from other parents who are experiencing similar situations.

The peer support, from other parents who have been through the process and have managed to get their young person and family to safe ground, enjoying happy, healthy and productive lives, is of great benefit ensuring that no family has to face these challenges alone.