Residential Treatment Tier 4

“A Tier 4 Service provides specialist expertise in both adolescent mental health or addiction and the capacity to deliver a brief, but very intensive intervention through an inpatient or day hospital. These types of service would be suitable for those encountering severe problems as a result of drugs or alcohol dependence.” (Health Research Board)

Our Tier 4 Residential Treatment Centre at Cara Lodge uses a holistic approach that helps the young people to address their difficulties and to assist them in preparing coping strategies for when they leave and return to their communities. The principles in Cara Lodge are based on a deep respect for the dignity of each young person. The central task is the creation of a relationship with each young person that allows his needs to be more fully identified and addressed.

We provide a safe and therapeutic environment where young people can look at their drug and alcohol use, to enable the young people to gain an understanding of themselves and encourage them to become confident in their future decisions on entering adulthood substance free. It is a safe place that helps young people develop life skills and a sense of independence.

Families and young people are enabled to take back the control in their lives instead of the substances that have been controlling them. Tier 4 encourages young people to look at and deal with the consequences that their use has had on themselves, their families and possible charges they may have incurred. Tier 4 enables change.

A Keyworker is assigned to each individual young person and is responsible for implementing their treatment plan along with a team of professional care staff. Management liaise with outside agencies ensuring the best interests of the young people in care. Daily counselling is a key component of the programme which can be up to 12 weeks dependent on the young person’s presenting need.