Day Treatment Tier 3

“A Tier 3 Service provides specialist expertise in both adolescent mental health and addiction. These services would have the capacity to deliver child-centred comprehensive treatments through a multi-disciplinary team. This team would provide medical treatment for addiction, psychiatric treatment, child protection, outreach, psychological assessment and interventions, and family therapy. These types of service would be suitable for those encountering substantial problems as a result of drug or alcohol use.” (Health Research Board)

Our Tier 3 Treatment is provided at our Assessment and Day Treatment Centre and is delivered by counsellors who specialise in working with young people and families. Once a young person has been referred to our service a triage assessment will be carried out with the young person and their family and/ or concerned persons.

Following this assessment they may require an initial and comprehensive assessment or referred to a more appropriate service. A comprehensive assessment may take up to 4 weeks to complete and gives more of an insight as to what is going on for the young person and their family. Individual counselling is offered and appointments are made on a weekly basis.

Young people who would not be suitable for residential treatment can continue to receive counselling on a Day Treatment basis following assessment.

A menu of treatment options will be discussed with the young person and their family/ guardian and these can include the following:

  • Triage – allows for prompt screening, prioritises service type, need and urgency based on a brief assessment and development of systemic formulation with both the young person and family seen together.
  • Initial and comprehensive assessment
  • Case management
  • Brief Intervention
  • Psycho-education
  • Interventions tailored to adolescents
  • Individual treatment care plans
  • Out Patient treatment
  • Community detox support
  • Systemic family counselling
  • Fathers group
  • Mothers group
  • Aftercare Support