The main role of the Assessment and Day Treatment Centre is to support young people to address their alcohol and drug use, reduce the harm caused by it and prevent it from being a greater problem as they get older.


When a young person is referred to the Assessment and Day Treatment centre the young person and family/concerned person will be seen where possible by the manager in Triage. This is to provide timely and equitable access to appropriate Drug and Alcohol service provision, prompt screening and prioritises service type, need and urgency.

Initial Assessment

Then the young person is referred to a young person’s counsellor and the family to a family counsellor to begin an initial assessment. The aim of this is to build the therapeutic relationship, to determine the seriousness and urgency of the young person’s substance misuse and identify risk factors. This will inform a care plan and ascertain whether a young person/ family need a comprehensive assessment.

Comprehensive assessment

The aim of a comprehensive assessment is to identify the service users’ needs by looking at the various domains of the service users’ life (to include substance use, physical and mental health, education and employment, legal involvement, family and risk behaviour) in detail and the framework required for a care plan. This enables interventions to be formulated to meet the young person’s and family needs.

Treatment Recommendation

Following the assessment process; the young person and family/concerned person will sit together with their respective counsellors and clinical recommendations and treatment options will be discussed.