Aftercare is is an integral part of providing continuing support to young people who have completed residential treatment, providing them with educational and emotional support. Aftercare sessions are one to one and this support is available for up to 1 year on completion of treatment.

Aftercare is facilitated by a Drugs and Alcohol Counsellor and an Aftercare Keyworker who meet with the young people regularly and link in with other professionals to best manage their cases. If a young person relapses they can be supported in Aftercare or if they need re-assessment, they can be referred for an assessment.

The Drugs and Alcohol Aftercare Counsellor supports:

  • Relapse Prevention
  • Stress Management/ Anxiety Management/ Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Harm reduction
  • Inter-agency Work e.g. Probation/ Social Work/ Community Drugs Workers/ Youthreach

The Aftercare Keyworker is there to offer practical advice and support to the young people in all areas of their lives. They assist the young people in many different areas such as:
  • Funding Applications
  • College Applications
  • Training Application
  • Job Applications
  • Social Welfare Applications
  • Accommodation
  • Organisation of Appointments
  • Advocacy
  • Medical Cards
  • National Age Cards
  • Evening and Weekend Activities

Family conferences are also facilitated linking family members with the residential care team or family counsellors.