Matt Talbot Services

Drug and Alcohol Treatment
for young people ages 14 to 23 years.


Assessment • Counselling • Treatment • Training

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Matt Talbot Services is a complete drug and alcohol treatment facility for young people between the ages of 14 to 23 years of age and are experiencing drug and alcohol problems. We offer Assessment, Counselling, Day Treatment, and Referrals to both young boys and girls, and a Residential Treatment programme for boys ages from 14 to 18 years old. We also provide Day Care to assist young people with families while they overcome their substance misuse.

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Matt Talbot Services is committed to providing treatment services for young substance misusers and their families. We actively seek to create an environment of hospitality, trust and respect. We work in collaboration and partnership with other agencies, statutory and voluntary, in keeping with our commitment to social justice, care and support. Our belief that the welfare of the young person is paramount and in the dignity of all young people urges us to embrace a holistic approach and to seek to realise their full intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social, cultural and physical potential.

Matt Talbot
Day Treatment Centre

‘Rockview’ Trabeg Lawn
Douglas, Cork
T: 021 489 6400
F: 021 489 6419

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Cara Lodge - Residential
Treatment Centre

Enniskeane, Co. Cork
T: 023 883 9000
F: 023 883 9590

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Enterprise Scheme

Unit 4, Tramore Commercial Park
Tramore Road, Cork
T: 021 484 7636
F: 021 432 3291

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